The Next Web got an exclusive first look at the latest report from app store analytics company Distimo, which zooms in on the App Store for iPad, roughly two years after Apple’s first ‘magical’ tablet computer hit the market.

The report is largely based on United States-only data about the App Store for iPad as measured throughout February 2012. According to the latest public figures, Apple has sold over 55 million iPads to date, and very much counting.

Update: Distimo’s graphs are now up on Pinterest.

Two years post-iPad launch, there are now over 180,000 applications available in the App Store for iPad in the US, which means that it is growing at roughly the same pace as the App Store for iPhone and Google Play (formerly Android Market), which offered 200,000 and 175,000 applications after two years in business, respectively.

The graph below displays the road to reaching 180,000 iPad-fit applications, and remarkably, the growth is nearly linear.

Apple Appstore for iPad Road To 180k Applications Two years and 180,000 apps later, a close look at the App Store for iPad

Distimo points out that there was evidently an initial boost from iPhone applications that were ported to the iPad, but the graph also shows the proportion of ‘universal’ applications. Such applications, which are fit for both iPhone and iPad, have seen an increase to over 61 percent in February 2012.

Either way, the App Store for iPad remains the largest mobile application store available in the United States by a mile, as the graph below shows. Only a small proportion of applications available in Google Play are optimized for tablets.

Apple Appstore for iPad Largest Tablet Store Two years and 180,000 apps later, a close look at the App Store for iPad

Among the other major findings researched by Distimo analyst Gert Jan Spriensma is the fact that iPad users appear to be quite willing to pay for premium content offered by newspaper and magazine publishers in the Newsstand category.

Already, Distimo asserts, the top 100 grossing Newsstand applications – including The Daily, NYTimes for iPad and The New Yorker Magazine – are generating more than $70,000 in revenue per day in the United States.