Dangerously Irrelevant


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Hey Everyone,

I received my exam results last wednesday and have been in not the best state of mind since then. Only brave enough to post today. Believe i’m still in a state of shock.

Unfortunately I did not pass and have had a hard time dealing with this outcome.

Regardless, I still want to congratulate those that passed.

The exam was a brutal one and perhaps my mind wasn’t as focused as it should have been. It goes by really really fast. You really don’t have much time to think for too long before answering.

I am disappointed to see that people are still trying to sell study materials to their fellow students instead of providing them free of charge as a common courtesy. Would recommend going to piratebay and searching for DIT & kaplan classroom anywhere 2014 where you can download them free.

Luckily I have some close friends who are helping me out with this exam result but in the end it is a personal test. Some of the most succesful people in life have failed and used that as an opportunity not a downfall to thrive and defy all odds. Names that come to mind are Michael Jordan & steve jobs. I am sure there are many more.

I have decided to retake the exam at a later date. Need some time to refocus first. Maybe get some medical treatment if necessary.

Want to thank you all who have given feedback and support and I want to wish you all the best in your exams.